“Life giving lessons that add value (3 of 3)” by Larry Howell Bey

by Larry Howell Bey

Artist Statement

If I were asked: “What is man?” I would reply: He is potential. “Opposing Images” A peek into a small mirror. Upon knowledge and ignorance we base our ideas, be they young or aged within our spheres; to see with blindness what is not so clear, we answer the question as to the point here; as men and women we are features of plight, once boys and girls now our ideals take sight; of light and shadow there is something to be gained, round and straight beyond our experiences of pain; sweet and sour has this life given, abundant and deficient are we driven; given this or that we do our best to mark our presence upon the quest; both growth and decay will have their say, to make known there was a better day; speech is omnipotent where silence is great, our birth into this journey hold our fate; to be rich is spirit yet to be poor is material, we cast our net into the lake of surreal; time presses forward while we lag behind, wondering what is to be when it’s our turn to shine; in the beginning of infancy there are strengths yet unknown, by the ending of our infirmities greatly are we shown.
Realized or unrealized all of life is connected and what man does for man he does for God. If you would serve God, serve your fellow beings.