“To Mom whom I hold dearly to my heart” by M.

by M.

Mom, you brought me here, I will not disappoint – Love, M

CONNOR: It was so cold.
ROBERT: It was so cold.
CONNOR: As I sat in my cell at the police station.
ROBERT: As I walked outside to answer that call.
CONNOR & ROBERT: Nothing could have prepared me for that.
CONNOR: I had never been arrested before.
ROBERT: I had never thought that something like this could happen to him.
CONNOR & ROBERT: This was completely unexpected.
CONNOR: The first time I tried making that call, no one answered.
ROBERT: I remember seeing the voicemail later that night.
CONNOR: They said I could try again in 10 minutes.
ROBERT: That voicemail was left at six o’clock. I answered the phone at eight.
CONNOR & ROBERT: Two hours.
CONNOR: That’s how long they really made me wait.
ROBERT: I stepped outside.
CONNOR: When they finally let me try to make the call again, my grandfather answered the phone.
ROBERT: I said hello, and asked who was speaking, as if this call was the same as any other. And it was, before I heard Connor’s voice.
CONNOR: The first word out of my mouth was
ROBERT: That’s what he said. I could hear the fear in his voice.
CONNOR: I tried my best to articulate. I really did. But the words just couldn’t come out right. ROBERT: He seemed panicked. I didn’t understand a thing he said until I picked up the word

Artist Statement

I’m not a heartless criminal; we all make bad decisions. Unfortunately, a choice I made landed me here. Don’t take life for granted, and cherish every breath of air you take. Although I am alone, I know I will be home. Even if the exit is hard to see, when I get out I will achieve success.