Old is New Again: Alternative Methods of Execution in the United States

Image for Alternative Methods of Execution in US

On April 17, Oklahoma adopted a new method of execution as a backup for lethal injection when Gov. Mary Fallin (R) signed a bill to allow nitrogen-induced hypoxia. This is the third state to approve an alternative to lethal injection: Utah passed a bill allowing death by firing squad and Tennessee did the same with the electric chair. Why are states reverting to these archaic methods? With a short ...[Read More]

Humanize the Numbers is an ongoing project that utilizes collaborative art practices, public installations, and cross-disciplinary workshops to connect incarcerated men and women in Michigan prisons with hundreds of students, artists, researchers, and activists in Southeast Michigan.

Humanize the Numbers will facilitate community-wide entry points for students, faculty, community organizations, family members of incarcerated individuals, former prisoners, and policy makers to engage with the sources, impacts, and alternatives to mass incarceration.

An immersive and diverse array of workshops, panel discussions, actions, film screenings, and public forums become the stage for local knowledge to emerge, complicate, and activate the project’s artistic and civic potential.